Russell Wilson Opens Up About the Line that Helped Him Bag Ciara

Social media has been ablaze with the conversation surrounding NFL player Russell Wilson and singer, Ciara.

The Twitter atmosphere began buzzing after former Miami Dolphins player, Channing Crowder, spoke on Wilson and Ciara’s marriage on his podcast last week.

“You don’t leave Future and get with Russell Wilson. It’s a type. Everybody has a type.” Crowder continued, “I love him on the field but he’s a f–cking square.”

Crowder’s opinion quickly garnered scrutiny from fans after the podcaster declared that Ciara was only with Wilson for his money.

Now, a video has resurfaced of Wilson on Kevin Hart’s “Laugh Out Loud” radio show, as Wilson discussed his marriage with Ciara and shared the line that sealed the deal on their relationship.

Wilson shared that he had an old, worn wallet that Ciara noticed upon meeting for the first time.

‘” What the hell is that”’, Wilson recounted his wife saying. ‘” You’re losing with that. I put my finger up and said, ‘First of all, with me, you’re never losing. Second of all, with that wallet, that means consistency. That’s what you’re going to get from me. You’re going to get someone who’s consistent every day.’”

Ciara and Wilson’s relationship has often been the topic of social media conversation, specifically about Ciara’s past relationship with rapper Future. Many have drawn the paradox between her current, loving marriage with Wilson and the alleged infidelity she experienced while being engaged to Future back in 2014.

The “Body Party” artist gave romantic hopefuls a different outlook on love after years of being courted and adorned by Wilson, whom she now shares three children with.

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