‘Say It Or You Don’t Present,’ BET Threatened Meagan Good When She Refused To Joke About THIS Heartbreaking Moment

Meagan Good is always about transparency.

In a recent interview with The Daily Beast, the actress shared that  BET after the network dismissed her from presenting an award after she refused to joke about the backlash she faced for wearing a certain dress.

In 2013, Good received criticism for wearing a blue plunging dress at the BET Awards roughly one year after marrying her husband Pastor Devon Franklin.

BET switched her from presenting a rap award to a gospel award. After her moment on the stage, the Christian community blasted her with some extremely shocking and hurtful words.

“I got home and saw that I was trending on Twitter with all these Christians just dragging me,” said Good.” I was like, ‘This is horribly painful because it’s the one community that’s supposed to be the safe community, and that represents the core of my identity, that’s attacking me.'”

For Good, the judgments didn’t stop after that award show moment.


“It was a full-on assault, and it went on for years – when I got dressed up for Halloween, or for any event,” she continued. “I never stopped being who I was, but I definitely had the trauma of ‘I know I’m going out in front of the firing squad.’ I’m never going to stop having control over who I am if I feel I’m right with God, but I hate that I feel I’m bracing myself for impact.”

The following year, the network wanted her to joke about the incident. According to Good, this moment wasn’t funny.

“The next year for the BET Awards, they reached out to have me present, and the script was me and Nick Cannon, and he was going, ‘Hey Meagan, I see that you work [or wore?] a different dress this year — a lot more covered up!’ and I’m like, ‘Ha-ha-ha!’

“I called them and said, ‘I don’t feel like this is funny. For one, that was not a funny experience — it was traumatizing– and two, I’m not going up there and act like I”m apologizing when I have nothing to apologize for,'” said Meagan. “Their response was: ‘You either say it or you don’t present.'”

Not only did she refuse to present, but the star also questioned if this was the network’s treatment of other actresses.

“I was like, ‘OK, then I won’t present.’ And when I got off the phone, I cried. I was like, ‘Would you do this to Gabrielle Union or Taraji [P. Henson]? You have this perception of me, and it’s crazy that you want to hold me to what that should be,’ mentioned Good. ” I’m not going for it. No one will ever control what I do or how I do it; it will always be spirit-led, and how I feel God feels about it. It took me a long time to not feel so hurt and be so affected.”

Devon Franklin has also been vocal in not backing down when others speak on her wife’s wardrobe choices.

We hear you, Meagan! It’s not always easy walking in your truth but we commend those with the courage to do it!

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