Serena Williams’ Husband Alexis Ohanian, Sr. DOES NOT PLAY When It Comes To Her, Claps Back At “Racist/Sexist Clown”!

Alexis Ohanian does not play when it comes to his wife!

The husband to tennis icon, Serena Williams, did not hesitate. He clapped back at ex-professional Ion Tiriac who insulted Williams during his appearance on a Romanian television show.

“Serena was a sensational player,” said Tiriac. “If she had a little decency, she would retire! From all points of view. At this age and the weight she is now, she does not move as easily as she did 15 years ago.”

While this isn’t the first comment he’s made about Williams, the response from Ohanian may cause him to never speak on the 23 Grand Slam singles winner again. And yes, that’s the most Grand Slam titles won by any player in the Open Era.

“2021 and no holding back when a racist/sexist clown with a platform comes for my family,” said Ohanian in a tweet.


Despite her husband coming to her defense, Williams can hold her own.

“I always say people are entitled to their opinion. Clearly, there’s more to women’s tennis than me,” said Williams. “There’s a lot more, but I’ll have words with him,  believe me, I’ll have words with him. It’s an ignorant comment, and it’s a sexist comment, and maybe he’s an ignorant man.”


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Shoutout to Ohanian for holding it down for his wife, where do they make husbands like this at, we’d like to sign up for one!

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