She Said What She Said! Mo’Nique Doubles Down On Her Stance On Bonnets In Public  After Folks Question Her Recent Comments

Mo’Nique is not letting up when it comes to ya’ll and these bonnets in public!

The Oscar-winning actress previously took to Instagram to share her disdain for Black women wearing bonnets and pajamas out in public.

While traveling from Atlanta, Ga. to Jackson, Miss., the comedian was alarmed and even disgusted by the number of bonnets and pajamas she saw Black women sporting in the airport.

As everyone’s beloved auntie, a title she’s honored to have, Mo’Nique, said “there are times that auntie has to talk to her babies and say some real s***.”

Before she began her rant on the bonnet and pajama situation, Mo’Nique expressed that it was coming from a place of love not judgement.

“I’ve been seeing it not just at the airport,” said Mo’Nique. “I’ve been seeing it at the store, at the mall.”

“When did we lose our pride in representing ourselves,” asked the comedian. “When did we slip away of let me make sure I’m presentable when I leave my home?”



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“Represent yourself with pride,” wrote the “Precious” actress in the caption. “Hey, my sweet babies! show yourself that you deserve the best of yourself! I love us 4 real.”

The clip went viral and sparked a debate on whether or not bonnets should in fact be worn in public. Mo’Nique responded with another message.



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“I’m unapologetic in what I said because I said it with nothing but love,” she said during an Instagram live. “For the sistas that got it, I’m glad. For the ones that didn’t, I’ll wait.”

Looks like everyone’s favorite auntie said what she said!

What’s your stance on bonnets in public?

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