Speak Your Truth! Claudia Jordan Credits Megan Thee Stallion For Decision To Speak Out Against Her Abuser

Media personality, Claudia Jordan has come forth to share details of an abusive relationship with Medina Islam, who is now dating former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, Phaedra Parks.


Jordan says Megan Thee Stallion, who recently made headlines after identifying rapper Tory Lanez as the person who shot her, encouraged her to speak her truth.



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Period #BelieveWomen #StopProtectingAbusers #BeBraveLadies 🙏🏽

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“We got into an argument, I grabbed his phone, and he was wrestling it out of my hand. This is the first time I’ve ever said this, because you know what, I got inspired by Meg The Stallion,” said Jordan.


She also recounted another incident between the two and adds, “I’ve been holding this for almost five years now. He body-slammed me into a toilet, broke it in half, and it cracked, the porcelain and water went everywhere. I kept that to myself. I never called the police on him, I stayed in bed for four days with back spasms, and we protect black men. Is there a ‘Thank you?’ Is there an ‘I’ll never do it again?’ Is it an ‘I’ll get help?’ No, there’s nothing.”


Islam responded to Jordan’s claims in a statement where he denies the abuse. In an extensive social media post, he alleges that she does this to every man she breaks up with.


Despite his response, Jordan doubles down on her initial allegations. In a lengthy video on Instagram, she shares further details on what allegedly happened alongside Islam’s brother.  The former Rickey Smiley Morning Show host also posted photos that included a cracked toilet, court documents, and bruises.



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Real receipts. Not fake ones. 1) back trauma 2) cracked toilet that had to be replaced 3) convo with building manager about the time he broke in and I advised them NOT to give him access or a key after he broke in Thru my window and damaged the screen. 4) his ID and proof of his real age (7 years older that he says) that lead to our fight because he was mad he got caught in a lie. That’s when it all hit the fan. If you lie to your Girlfriend YOU LIVE with about something like your age-what else is a lie? Who are you? 5, 6,7) He said he’s never been an abuser yet here is a restraining order filed against him for hitting a woman in Atlanta in the face with a book in 2003. (There’s more violence much more recent- but I’ll let her tell it.) 8) recording when he called me trying to get be back (he did this all the way til November and basically the week before he got his BM pregnant- begging to reconcile and even begged me to go to therapy) where we have a disturbingly casual conversation about me losing weight cause of stress and that I’m hurt physically and emotionally and he doesn’t deny My pain. And I say that “I’m a trooper. “ I actually feel ill at how far gone and weak I was. Not in a good place! But that’s typical of an abuse victim. We rationalize. 9) Today he posts my bruise pics I sent him after his email acting like he had no idea what he did to me. 10) an email with BOTH our responses (not just HIS weird gaslighting responses to me) where I tell him he’s lying and he and quote him when he said “would you rather me abandon you or RAY RICE you?” What non violent man says that? Ok I’m done proving MY TRUTH. But sometimes you gotta stand up for yourself no matter how many years have passed and you have NO CHOICE but to fight fire with fire. So there it is! This is my one and only day addressing this and I’m done! #MedinaDidIt #Liar #narcissist

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He had a response of his own for Jordan via Instagram, “they don’t have a ladder high enough to block your blessings.”



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Moving forward, Jordan says that she will continue to speak out on the issues of abuse against her, her friends and family.


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