Sundance 2022: ‘jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy’ Showcases The Importance Of Following Your Dreams

When one thinks of Kanye West, a few words may come to mind, but a new documentary explores the creative genius behind a young man from Chicago, Illinois who has now become quite the household name.

aspireTV got an exclusive first-look of the new docuseries, “jeen-yuhs: A Kanye West Trilogy” which premiered at Sundance on Saturday night (January 23). Not only will viewers witness West in his prime fighting to make his dreams come true, but one might walk away just as inspired to do the same.

Filled with riveting emotion that includes intimate conversations between a young West and his late mother, Donda West, the first installment of the trilogy is titled “VISION,” and it showcases just how important it is to envision the life that you want for yourself. We find West hustling as a young, hungry producer fighting to be seen when it comes to his music.

“jeen-yuhs” may have a focus West’s dream, but the narrator’s story is also a focal point of the story as it highlights filmmaker, Clarence “Coodie” Simmons’ own determination and belief in West which was so strong that he decided to leave behind his job to follow the young visionary around, documenting the journey every step of the way.

Inspired by the classic documentary, “Hoop Dreams,” Coodie wanted to do the same for West whom he believed was destined for greatness from the very moment that they met. Overall, Act I: VISION is all about having not only the courage to fight to make your dreams come true, but the faith to know that you can do whatever it is you wish to achieve in this life.

The film, created by both Coodie and Chike Ozah is set to release on February 17th on Netflix with Acts II and III set to be shared in the following consecutive weeks.

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