‘I’m Sorry I’m The One Chosen” Thandie Newton Under Fire For Recent Response To Colorism Allegations

Thandie Newton is in the hot seat following recent remarks!

During a recent promo interview for her newest film “God’s Country”, Newton opened up about receiving prejudice from African American women, and the guilt she faces in underrepresenting them in her film roles over the years.

“I’m sorry.” said the actress while fighting back tears. The “God’s Country” star used this viral moment to apologize to dark-skinned actresses for the ways that she felt she has benefitted from colorism throughout her career.

“I’ve wanted so desperately to apologize every day to darker-skinned actresses,” she continued.
“To say, ‘I’m sorry I’m the one chosen.’”

Newton’s guilt could be attributed to particular roles, such as in the film Beloved, in which she played a reincarnated spirit of Oprah Winfrey’s daughter and a sister to Kimberly Elise – both dark skinned women.

“My mama looks like you,” Newton continued, before breaking down on camera. “It’s been very painful to have women who look like my mom feel like I’m not representing them. That I’m taking from them. Taking their men, taking their work, taking their truth.”

Newton’s apology was met with heavy criticism, with many citing the actress’s apology as backhanded, insincere, and classless. Social media also referred to Newton’s previous comments in an interview with British Vogue. Newton recalled being asked by director John Duigan to “be darker by Monday” while auditioning for “Flirting”.

“Colorism has just been the funniest,” the Beloved star told Vogue. “I’ve been too Black, not Black enough. I’m always Black. I’m just like, [what do] you people want?!”

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