That Wasn’t In The Script? Vanessa Williams Just Changed The Way We’ll View THIS Cult Classic!

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The film “Soul Food,” has been a cult classic for the Black community since its debut in 1997 and it turns out that one of the film’s most iconic lines wasn’t in the script!


Vanessa Williams, who played the role of Teri, delivered a line that stuck with us forever. After confronting her husband Miles (Michael Beach) for sleeping with her cousin Faith (Gina Ravera), she delivered this epic line.


“Oh, f**k the family!,” is the line so eloquently delivered by Williams, “I let the family in my house and you know what happened? The family f**ked my husband.”


Watching the film for the first time would have made you thought it was your own family because the emotions were so real!


In a recent interview with The Blairisms, Williams discussed the film during their Savage Chat series just days after the actress recreated her iconic scene for social media.


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“Well that wasn’t in the script,” Williams admitted. ” The great thing about working with people who are undiscovered and need to have that fire in the belly. When we worked on Soul Food, George [Tillman Jr.] was a new director.


She continued, “this was something that he wrote about his family. So getting a chance to work with George, a young director, and writer, I was like, ‘Let’s try this. Go for that. Let’s do it.’ I loved—and I’m not a mentor—but I loved supporting him and his choices. And I said, ‘Let me go for this.’ And he said, ‘Go ahead.’”


Talk about mind blown! To hear her further discuss the nostalgia behind one of our favorite films, watch the full video below!



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