The Best Summer Eats With Aspire TV

In the heat of the summer our bodies may experience a decrease in appetite due to signals that come from the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus helps to control our body temperature, hormones, hunger, thirst and more. According to the more heat you endure, the more the hypothalamus will try to suppress your appetite. Because the digestive system already generates heat, those signals from the “hypothalamus will try to reduce its workload.” 

Summer is the perfect time to eat lighter, healthier meals. Eating fresh fruits and water-based vegetables will help keep your body cool and hydrated. 

Tap into your inner chef and start by making your own meals at home. With the list below, spend a day creating light summer meals using recipes from Aspire TV!


Breakfast can be light and refreshing. This Mixed Berries and Coconut Cream recipe is sweet and simple. Berries provide antioxidants and coconut cream is a good source of natural fat.


Guacamole is a classic go-to for a light snack or side dish. Guacamole with crab meat!! Game changer . Check out this Crab Guacamole recipe with your choice of side; crisp fresh crudités, whole grain chips, tostadas etc.


Here’s another recipe that will take homemade lemonade to the next level; Smoky Grilled Lemon & Peach Lemonade! This screams summer delight. I’m sure this will be a crowd pleaser at the family BBQ! 


Shout out to Omega 3’s for keeping our hearts healthy. One way to make sure you’re getting a dose of Omega 3 is by eating fatty fish like Salmon. This is a simple and delicious recipe pairing skin on Salmon with a Kale Caesar salad! Perfect for a light evening dinner. 


I can’t let you go without having dessert! Try out this Grilled Peach recipe that you can serve with your favorite summer ice cream! 

Tune in every Tuesday at 8pm ET to catch our executive chef G Garvin creating delectable at home recipes!


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