“There’s Just Terror In My Body” Gabrielle Union Struggles To Cope With Black People Dying In The Streets

Gabrielle Union speaks for a lot of us! It’s difficult adjusting to COVID-19 while enduring the racial tensions and social unrest following police shootings and killings.


The “Being Mary Jane” actress shares how she copes with such a heavy load. It’s the everyday trauma, plus PTSD which she was diagnosed with at the age of 19 after being raped at gunpoint. It’s at an all-time high.


In an interview with Women’s Health, Union says The combination of a pandemic and this racial reckoning, alongside being inundated with [images of] the brutalization of Black bodies, has sent my PTSD into overdrive.  There’s just terror in my body.


Union also talks about how she processes trauma, which has become second nature to her. “I break out my emotional fix-me toolkit, and I try to run through all the situations.  I call it my ‘what’s the likelihood of X happening?’ method.’”


The “LA Finest” actress says, ‘If I’m fearful about going into a store because I’m anxious about being robbed, I’ll make myself feel better by going to one where there will be witnesses to cut down those chances.  It’s been this way since ’92.’


Within the past year, Union has dealt with it all. Her abrupt America’s Got Talent firing and public squabble with Terry Crews following her departure played in from of the world.


Shoutout to Union for her transparency during this time, we all can relate to the coping struggle given the state of the world.


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