Too Far? Georgia Representative Park Cannon Faces Felony Charges After Protesting Gov. Brian Kemp’s New Suppressive Voting Bill

Just another day in America…

A representative for the State of Georgia, Park Cannon, has been released after footage of her arrest outside of the governor’s office went viral Thursday (March 25).

During the time of the arrest, Governor Brian Kemp was signing a new bill that imposes restrictions on voters in the state of Georgia.

New rules include a limit on the use of ballot drop boxes, a ban on providing voters food and water while they wait in line, heavier voter identification requirements for those turning in absentee ballots, and permission for state officials to oversee local election boards.

One clip shows Park Cannon outside of Gov. Brian Kemp’s doors, which are closed.

As she grabs hand sanitizer a bystander asks, “why does she have to step back?”

Another person that is seemingly recording, chimes in.

“The governor is signing a bill that affects all Georgians,” said the voice in the clip. “Why is he doing it in private and why is he trying to keep elected officials who are representing us out of the process.”

When Park Cannon knocks on the door, nearby police can be seen detaining her.

“There is no reason for me to be arrested! I am a legislator,” yells Park Cannon in another clip shared by her attorney Gerald A. Griggs.”Do not touch me! Why are there officers touching me? I am not doing anything I’m literally not doing anything.”

In a statement released by Georgia State Patrol, it says that she “was beating on the door of the Governor’s Office,” and that when asked to stop, she went to the Governor’s Ceremonial Office door where a sign read, “Governor’s Staff Only.”

She then began to knock on that door and was asked to stop twice.

“Rep. Cannon refused to stop knocking on the door,” continued the statement. “Rep. Cannon was placed under arrest and escorted out of the Capitol.”

From there, she was taken to Fulton County Jail and released shortly after. She took to Twitter to thank supporters following the ordeal.

According to an arrest affidavit obtained by CNN, Park Cannon currently faces two felony charges: felony obstruction and preventing or disrupting a general session.

Did they take things too far by placing her under arrest?


  1. They are bigoted racists

  2. Kemp needs to resign and the officers need to be disciplined..,,,,How dare they touch a public servant like that. She is working for the people, while Kemp is working against them. Wake up People…get him out of there.

    I’m a white woman and this is Racism.

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