TRIGGER WARNING! Chilling Audio Between Former Love and Hip Hop Star Brandi Boyd & Husband Max Lux Alarms Fans

This may need a trigger warning.

Fans are concerned about former “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” star, Brandi Boyd’s, well-being after she shared audio of what sounded like a domestic abuse incident via Instagram Live.

Although her camera was not on, viewers could hear audio of her husband, Max Lux (born Marcus Boyd) both threatening and cursing her out. You can also hear one of the couple’s two children crying in the background as he yells, “I’m about to f**k you up b**ch.”

Eventually, you hear the 36-year-old pleading with her son to call the police as she says, “Last time ya’ll see him beat on me. You won’t have to [see] this ever again. I promise,” she continues, “never again will you see your mom get beat on.”

The final response we hear from Max in the clip is, “Bye, b**tch.”

Instagram users are seen showing concerns in the comments of the life via the stream shared by Hollywood Unlocked, asking if she (Brandi) is okay with others urging someone to call the police.

Both Max and Brandi have since responded with Brandi claiming that she abused him and denying claims Max hit her. She doubled down on this defense, saying he “can do what he pleases in his home.”

According to Madamenoire, Max’s Instagram page has since gone private.

“I am fine he didn’t touch me I was choking him and fighting him all he did was verbal[ly] abuse me back I am sorry for going live,” wrote Brandi in an Instagram post. “I did that to force us to take space knowing he wouldn’t want to argue on Live. Please pray for my family the devil is attacking so strong.”

Her followers speculate Max may have access to her phone and wrote those posts himself.

Either way, we wish safety and self-care if he is abusing her as the audio insinuates.

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