Urban Indie Film Block: ‘Fine, I’ll Do It Myself’…..Said Black Women Everywhere!

If we’ve learned anything from the past election, it’s that our level of “get it done” is unmatched. It doesn’t matter the day, the time or the odds stacked against us, we persist. In this episode of Urban Indie Film Block, Black women get the job done.

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Directed by Dagmawi Abebe

Alice Ball, a 23-year-old African American chemist living in 1915 Hawaii, fights against racial and gender barriers to find an effective treatment for leprosy before Kalani, a 10-year-old patient, is exiled into the leper colony of Molokai.


Directed by Jabree Webber

In 2022, after Roe v. Wade is overturned, a woman struggles to find the care she needs after being sexually assaulted.


Directed by Nicole L. Thompson

When a young woman who is torn between two worlds, her job cleaning planes and her dream of becoming a pilot. When she attempts to get time off to pursue aviation, she is met with resistance and must fight against the odds to get her wings.

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