Urban Indie Film Block: I Said What I Said And I Won’t Repeat It…

Sometimes we scream begging to be heard. Sometimes the words hit so hard we never have to repeat them. In this episode, no one holds back how they feel.

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Directed by Carmen Wilkerson

A teenage girl is sexually assaulted at a drunken party. The next morning, her friends debate what to do next – call the police, tell their parents or keep it a secret.



Directed by Kyle Chin

Mr. Brown struggles to defend his moneymaking mango tree from the constant raids of passersby, neighbors and a clever thief.



Directed by Caralene Robinson

Barbie’s 35th birthday celebration brings together her diverse group of friends. When the bill arrives, the best intentions dissolve into drama.


  1. The Reunion by Carmen Wilkerson was so very powerful. It so eloquently illustrates the impact of substance abuse on young people and how secrets can damage people in the future. How can I share this awesome film with my high school students?

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