Urban Indie Film Block Season Finale: See You On The Other Side…

10 amazing episodes. 30 different up-and-coming filmmakers. Countless stories supporting rich and nuanced characters of color.

Thank you for rocking with us all season long! Urban Indie Film Block is built to support content creators of color, all while exposing you to the next Oscar AND NAACP Image Award-winning Director. We hope you enjoyed each and every story because they were all created with love.

For this week’s final episode, our characters are slowly and surely discovering…there is more than one way of seeing things. As this week’s title suggests, see you all on the other side…

Watch this SUNDAY at 8p ET on aspireTV!


Directed by Jamaal Scott and written by Tim Orange

A story about a Black father, Justin Black (played by Rodney Perry), who is called into his son’s predominately Black and Latin middle school to discuss his behavior. Mr. Black finds himself missing his shift at work to debate with his son’s teacher, Ms. Peeple (played by Meggan Kaiser) and Principal, Principal Whyte (played by David Ditmore) about the relevance of the school’s eighth-grade History curriculum and what his son, Trent Black (played by Caleb Lowery) is learning.


Directed, Written and Produced by Sigin Ojulu

After losing a loved one, Ruby Oliver enters a broken VR game for a last chance to see the dead – little does she know that this game treats all girls as a virus as she fights to get out.



Directed by Jumai Yusuf

In a dystopian future where racist white fear is weaponized, a young warrior must find the courage to lead her community.


Written and Directed by August K. Burton

Kiki, a music producer and entrepreneur, is commissioned to create a rap beat for the eccentric, and passively racist, Naomi, who goes by the rap moniker Omi-O.


  1. Loved HIStory! Mr. Black is already home schooling Trent. Kudos!

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