Urban Indie Film Block: Sweet Dreams….or a Beautiful Nightmare?

We’re all somewhere between sweet dreams and a beautiful nightmare. In this week’s episode, you’ll see each of these character go after their wildest dreams. Some are ambitious. Some are romantic. Some are absolutely magical.

In this week’s episode, experience all the ups, downs, twists and turns of relentlessly pursuing your dreams.

Watch this SUNDAY at 8p ET on aspireTV!


Directed by Matthew Cherry

Academy Award winning filmmaker (for animated short, “Hair Love”) Matthew A. Cherry directed “Forward,” all about finding love in an unexpected place. A man finds a woman’s purse on the train, tries to return it to her and falls for her in the process.


Written, produced and directed by our own Tracey Tooks 

After reconnecting with a guy from the past, Kelis receives a text that he is now engaged. As the news circulates, Kelis realizes she needs to support her sisters, Maxi and Lydia, the best way she can. Ultimately, Kelis decides to lean on her faith to place her emotions, sisters, and the reality of this situation in check.


Directed by Nicole L. Thompson

When a young woman who is torn between two worlds, her job cleaning planes and her dream of becoming a pilot. When she attempts to get time off to pursue aviation, she is met with resistance and must fight against the odds to get her wings.


Directed by Nicole L. Thompson

When a young boy is forced to move to LA and stay at his grandparent’s house for the summer, he tries to convince his mom to let him leave. Left with no Wifi or games he begins to explore the house, discovers a magical book, and is sucked into the book on a magical adventure.

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