Urban Indie Film Block: These Films Beg You, Take A Hard Look At Who People Really Are….

It’s Tuesday…time to salute upcoming Black Filmmakers!


Everyone is not always what they seem to be. Each of these filmmakers took a hard look at who people really are. This week “The Real MVP” features the following short films:


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Cowgirl Up

Produced by Nathan Willis

A cowgirl strives to be the first African-American woman in the National Finals Rodeo.

The Closet

Produced by Timeca Seretti

Haile Stephens has it all, the husband, the car and all that money can buy. Or does she?

Good Girl

Produced by Sade C. Joseph

A dramedy that follows a first-generation Caribbean-American teen trying to navigate life between her dysfunctional immigrant family & her catholic, all-girls school.


He Loves Me, He Loves Me Hot

Produced By Cassandra Black

So, just how important is wardrobe in a relationship?


Shoot the Girl

Produced by Natalie Thompson

Ten-year-old Trench Town girl Likkle must stop Satan, her father’s murderer from killing her – using her “brain to beat brawn”


  1. Oh my goodness! I’d started watching the Indie Urban shorts/movie last year…I love, I adore and appreciate each Filmmaker’s gifts and talents in storytelling. They are like my favorite Chai Tea, warm and creamy with my Almond milk and foam blend.
    Thank you for the documentaries, short stories (scary, funny and loving) the variety of genres are appetizing and fulfilling. I am truly a big fan!
    I am an aspiring short story writer and photographer, so thank you for your examples.
    In Everything May YAHWEH Bless your gifted storytellers and your families. Amen

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