Urban Indie Film Block: The History Behind The South’s Most Debated Dish…GUMBO!

Every dish in the culture has a deep and rich history. Gumbo has a complicated past marred by racism, slavery and colonialism, but enriched by the innovative hands who consistently made treasure out of nothing.

In this episode of Urban Indie Film Block, we see and hear the history of Gumbo told by chefs, historians and Gumbo enthusiasts.

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Directed by Alyssa Rachelle

Filmmaker Alyssa Rachelle grew up eating gumbo (with shrimp, sausage, crab and no okra). It’s the love for this most debated southern dish that led her to explore the details of gumbo including the basic components, its historical and cultural implications and the various types of gumbo. This film includes gumbo enthusiasts who share their preparation often influenced by family recipes passed down from generation to generation. Historians are interviewed to provide insight on the geographical impact and the early beginnings of gumbo.


  1. I want a transcript or copy of the movie

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