Urban Indie Film Block: What Happens When Loneliness Calls…

Loneliness can take over and eat you alive. But if you’re lucky, a friend, a loved one or sometimes even a stranger will know exactly what it takes to make you smile. In this episode of Urban Indie Film Block, a word, gesture or look can make all the difference in how important a person feels.

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Directed by Claytia Gonsalvez

Following an uncertain breakup, an earnest young man spends the subsequent weeks preoccupied with his ex-girlfriend, camping out at their “spot”, leaving her messages, and doing “research” on her social media, all in an effort to track her down and convince her that they’re better together. He thinks they got that boomerang love. He’s not worried. She said all she wanted was space. Little did he know how far she would go


Directed by Craig Patterson

Inspired by a true story. Anna is battling the beginning stages of dementia at an assisted living facility in the days following the statewide quarantine. No longer able to receive visits from her family, she is forced to spend time with them via Zoom, which proves to be difficult. Anna battles the loneliness of her everyday routine and her fading memory, as she struggles to find human connection through technology. Before she knows it, the only consistent thing in her life is her caretaker.


Directed by Gregory Garay

A young woman enters her subconscious to examine a former friendship and find a way to reconnect with this lost friend.


Directed by Marjan Koffa

When her husband is sentenced to prison for grand larceny, Razi decides to hide the truth of his whereabouts from her children indefinitely. Her plan goes awry when her son Khalil answers the phone call from the prison and his father is on the other line. Both Razi and Khalil are left conflicted and feeling alone as they take on the burden of hiding the truth from one another in order to protect the other.

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