Rick James New Documentary Trailer Launches Featuring Bootsy Collins, Ice Cube & More

A Rick James documentary is on the way!

Showtime released an official trailer for “Bitchin’: the Sound and Fury of Rick James,” the new documentary directed by Emmy-nominated hip-hop journalist Sacha Jenkins.

The documentary provides insight into James’ life as one of the most controversial and confrontational figures in the history of R&B and pop music.

Known for hits like “Super Freak” and “Give It To Me,” in the 1980s, James died in 2004 following a heart attack.

James often faced scrutiny for his sexual and drug habits, which he was very vocal about throughout his career. His actions often overshadowed his music and the work he did to advance Black music into the video age.

His videos for “Super Freak,” along with Michael Jackson’s biggest hits, were some of the first Black videos to receive notable airplay on the then-new and particularly white MTV.

Screened at the Tribeca Festival in June, the film will premiere on Showtime. Friday, September 3 at 9 pm ET. The trailer includes testimonials about James’ influence and contributions to the culture from heavy hitters like Bootsy Collins, Ice Cube, and many more.

Watch the full trailer for “Bitchin’: the Sound and Fury of Rick James” below:



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