Wendy Williams Accuses R&B Singer, Sherrick of Rape, His Family Reacts

Wendy Williams reveals a decades-old sexual assault that still haunts her.


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During a press tour for her upcoming biopic, the famous talk show host alleges R&B singer Sherrick, born Lamotte Smith, sexually assaulted at the start of her career.

“His name was Sherrick [and] he was a one-hit-wonder, remember the song,” said Williams. “It was called just ‘Just Call’ and it was number one on the R&B charts and an overnight sensation.”

“He was in D.C. I was a cute radio DJ,” she continued. “He’d asked me did I want to accompany him to his album release celebration in D.C. and I said ‘yes.’ I got off the air and went back to his hotel room with him”

He wanted to freshen up before heading out, but that was not the case.

“He said he wanted to shower and freshen up and introduced cocaine to the scene,” William recounted. “I was already familiar with cocaine so I was continuing to party while he was in the shower. And I was sitting on the bed minding my own business.”

“I left after that and went home and scrubbed my skin off, cried and that was that,” she continued. “I never told anybody. I just handled it and that’s it.

For Williams, the name of her alleged rapist wasn’t important until she began to work on “Wendy Williams: What A Mess.”


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“I didn’t think his name was that important…and now that I’ve said it, and I’m still on TV, now his kids and their kids and their kids are gonna have to deal with that,” remarked Williams. “I was raped by Sherrick.”

However, the wife of the late singer wants to clear his name.

Lynee Carter-Smith married Sherrick in 1993 and wants Williams to let her husband “rest in peace” since he “isn’t here to defend himself.” He died in 1999.

“Sherrick was a beautiful man, a genius with a voice like an angel,” Carter-Smith told Page Six.” We have three amazing children. This is quite painful to not only us but his nieces and siblings.”

She also questions why Williams didn’t involve the police and further dismisses her accusations against Sherrick.

“Why would Wendy not call the police if it were true,” Carter-Smith questioned. “Why did she go out with him? We have questions too! It’s hard to believe. Why now?”

A separate statement from the family reads:

“The man that others knew as ‘Sherrick’ passed away 21 years ago. He was loved and adored by his family and we miss him every day. As I will never minimize or dismiss the horrid actions of sexual assault, I am saddened that Ms. Williams feels the need to publicly make these allegations when the man she is accusing is no longer on this earth to defend himself. Our family does not know Ms. Williams and are not aware of any relationship or encounter they may have had.”

What are your thoughts? Do you think the family has a right to dismiss Wendy’s accusations?

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