We’re SHOCKED! You Won’t Believe Her Husband’s Completely Offensive Reaction To Her Natural Hair

If a man doesn’t love your natural hair… it’s time to let him go, right?


Derek, Ruth, and Summer are an interracial family of three who use their Youtube channel, “Life Less Scripted” to document their daily lives.


Miss Rona has forced us all into us styling our tresses at home and this is no different for Ruth who typically wears braids or twists. She took out her weave, decided to rock her natural hair, and like many of her hairstyle reveal videos, recorded her new do.


After setting up her camera to do the first reveal via Youtube, she did the same for her husband Derek. He was speechless after the first glance at his wife’s natural fro and it spiraled downhill from there.


“Who are you and what have you done with Ruth? Who is this woman I see before me, before my eyes?” he says making his way toward his wife. “Wow. So this is it huh?! Wow, your real natural hair. Interesting. You’re a whole different person. You’re not…Wow. It’s nice.”


And just when it couldn’t get any worse, this man breaks the rule of all rules…. (Alexa, play Solange “Don’t Touch My Hair”)


That’s right, Derek puts his hand in her hair then smells his fingers, “It’s nice. It’s coconut-y.” Derek continues to awkwardly gawk at it. “It’s cute,” he says. “It’s not bad. I’m not saying it’s bad. I’m just saying it’s really different. You’re still beautiful.”


Should our good sis get up out of there? Watch the full clip below:





  1. He wasn’t offensive at all or insulting to Ruth he never seen her natural hair it’s a lot to get use to plus he told her no matter what your beautiful anyways .
    So people find that insulting I don’t! He loves her no matter what !
    Come on stop making Derek to look like a shitty husband !!
    He loves Ruth and summer that’s his family he protects them grow up people !!

  2. I love this family! Ruth is such a loving, kind and down to earth person who totally loves and respects her husband and adores and is totally devoted to her adorable daughter, Summer. Derek is such a loving husband, very chivalrous, a very devoted father with a great sense of humor. A cute couple!. Summer is so pretty! She’s a mix of mom and dad… Quite a bit more like dad. Summer is very spoiled and Ruth and Derek have their hands full now but wait until the baby comes! I’m hooked on watching them. God Bless them…♥️

  3. Ruth is not always kind to Derek sometimes she can be mean Derek is always loving to Ruth and summe many black women has a way of trying to dominate and control their husband Ruth has to make sure she doesn’t do that
    she has a wonderful man and she make sure she takes care of him give him everything he needs lots of love. because others are watching you. Derek is loving and very patient but sometimes patience can run out of the best person .
    Ruth, give him the same Love and kindness like what he shows you.

    1. You’ve made a blanket statement about black women that is absolutely ridiculous. Being “mean and controlling” isn’t exclusive to any one particular race, or gender. Smh

      1. Right!!

    2. Ahhh! But we never know what goes on behind closed doors in the lives of others do we? There’s always two, sometimes three sides to a story; her side, his side and the truth. I say this to say that perhaps Derek isn’t as innocent as people make him out to be. I’ve heard him make snide remarks then try to cover by saying, “no, I’m just kidding”. How many times can you say something slick then try to cover it by saying, “I’m just kidding” before you’re questioned about your comments and the meaning behind them. For every action there’s a reaction. I don’t think anyone is mean for no apparent reason. I believe Derek has some stuff with him too

  4. The YouTube entertainment performance job world: Still form of camera show biz job for ratings ??? What are the YouTubers real life OFF CAMERA ???
    Ruth really has the natural West African Ghanian facial & body features !!!
    Lil spoil lil girl Summer. Is she the parent ??? & when will the parents discipline her ??? When she is 18 or older ???

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