“When I Talk About Her, It Makes Me Sad” Lamar Odom Claims Ex-Fiancée Sabrina Parr Used Him For Fame

Lamar Odom speaks his truth!

In a recent interview on “The Real,” the former NBA star shares his story about the breakup between him and his ex-fiancée Sabrina Parr.


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It’s been a messy breakup between the pair.

When asked if Parr hurt him, Odom said, “Yeah, in every which way. Very deceitful. You know, I really used to take her word for everything. She was really lying to me, the whole time…”

He also hints Parr was just after the fame, pointing out her verification on Instagram.

“She got what she wanted, that was the ‘blue check,’ so I guess I was good for something,” continued Odom.

She even released a promo for a reality show about the couple that never happened.


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“Just think about this — her and her deceitful manager, they were supposed to drop this reality show and they never even tell me they were putting it out,” said Odom. “Who moves like that?”

Odom found out about the promo with the rest of the world.

“Yeah, it was just about me and her. I knew what I was doing, I knew what I signed up for,” Odom continued. “But I would think that when you were putting it out to the world, you would let me know. That’s a greaseball move. Something that I can’t respect, from her and that manager dude.”

Parr hurt him deeply and he won’t do the same to her.

“When I talk about her, it makes me sad,” expressed Odom. “I really don’t like nobody taking advantage of me, especially for monetary reasons.”

“I’m going to let her focus on what she should be focused on that’s getting her child back. She’s putting out there that I’m doing drugs,” he continued,  “if you know my past, if you want to hurt my way of making a living, that’s the one thing that you can say or bring up to people, is that I’m doing drugs.”

Does Sabrina Parr owe Lamar Odom an apology?

Before It All Went Downhill:

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