Where’s The Public Outcry? The Seattle Seahawk’s Chad Wheeler Arrested for Physically Assaulting His Girlfriend

NFL player Chad Wheeler has been arrested for physically assaulting his girlfriend. He allegedly attacked her after she refused to bow to him.

In a Kent Police Department report obtained by The Seattle Times, police arrived at the scene when a woman called in distress saying she was locked in the bathroom after a “physical fight” with her boyfriend.


She told the dispatcher that she was bleeding, had a dislocated arm, and was being “killed.”

Once officers arrived on the scene, they reported screams coming from inside. After forcing themselves inside the bedroom, they discovered Seattle Seahawks’ Chad Wheeler standing next to her. The police report indicates the offensive lineman stands at 6-foot-7, weighing 310 pounds in comparison to the victim, who is 5-foot-9, weighing 145 pounds.

The victim was taken to a nearby facility, Valley Medical Center, to receive treatment for her arm.

According to the reports, the victim refused to bow to him and he threw her on the bed. Next, he strangled her until she passed out. Once she came back to, he stood next to the bed and said, “Wow, you’re alive?”

An inside source claimed Wheeler regularly took bipolar medicine but is no longer on the medication.

Prior to joining the Seattle Seahawks in 2019,  he played for the New York Giants from 2017-2019 starting in a total of 14 games.

While the Seahawks have released a statement (barely) on the incident, the NFL has yet to speak on Monday’s events.

“We are aware of the situation and still gathering information,” said the organization in a statement.

Currently, Wheeler is out on bond following his arrest.

Our prayers are with the victim at this time and as for Wheeler, users are calling out the league’s silence.




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