Why Are We Still Listening To Men? Self-Proclaimed Dating Guru Kevin Samuels Rated Drop-Dead Gorgeous Rapper Saweetie a 6

Audacity must be on clearance these days!

Self-proclaimed dating guru and image consultant Kevin Samuels has become a trending topic yet again for his comments on women!

On a recent episode of “The Joe Budden Podcast,” Samuels joined former rapper Joe Budden and said women aren’t necessarily the 10s they believe they are.

Again… the audacity!

During the episode, Samuels rated actress Pam Grier an 8 based on the films she starred in during the 70s.

He then continued his made-up ranking system and deemed everyone’s favorite “icy girl,” rapper Saweetie “an adjustable 6.”

When asked to clarify his rank for the California rapper, born Diamonté Harper, here’s what Samuels had to say.

“An adjustable 6, meaning she can go from cute to pretty,” shared Samuels. “I look at you fresh face, no makeup, your natural state. And if you have ever seen [Saweetie’s] pictures fresh face, natural state, she’s a cute woman who can be pretty. But I don’t think she’ll ever be considered beautiful or gorgeous.”

According to his comments, we need to know who he deems beautiful because clearly, Saweetie is it, and then some!


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Now let’s rate Kevin Samuels! We already know our numbers, but we’ll keep quiet and leave it up to yall!


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  1. You can’t show a picture of a woman with a face painted on her face as proof that she ranks higher than a 6.

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