EXCLUSIVE: Nathan Fluellen Takes Us On A Journey In Lifestyle Series, ‘World Wide Nate’

If the world were an oyster were a person, it would be Nathan Fluellen because he never lets the opportunity to explore the world pass him by. 

His series, “World Wide Nate” has found a new home on aspireTV and serves as the quintessential guide to living a global lifestyle with a focus on adventure, culture, and food!

Before he embarked on the next journey, Nathan hopped on Zoom with aspireTV to discuss all things travel, inspiration, and more! 


Who Is Nathan Fluellen?

Adventurous, fearless, and caring are three words that perfectly describe Nathan. 

“I’m always seeking an adventure, I’m always motivated by doing something new,” said Nathan during an exclusive with aspireTV. “I don’t like mundane things and I’m not a very traditional or routine person so I’m always looking for the next thing to do. It’s why I love meeting new people and traveling to various countries because the whole world is always a new experience.” 

Nathan will be taking us on his adventures in South Africa for the first season of “World Wide Nate.” For him, it’s all about living outside of the box.

“I’m driven by having new experiences, especially when it comes to sharing with my audience. I’m always thinking about what I can show them that they didn’t know about the world and ways to make the world smaller by exposing them to different things,” he continued. “It’s so people can know that they don’t have to live within these boxes that the media often presents. I want people to walk away from my experiences more informed, educated, and with a worldly perspective to make better choices. The whole mission is to inspire people to live outside of the box and live for an adventure.”


His Inspiration For Traveling

As a kid, Nate would watch his mother go on missionary trips at church not even realizing that the seeds for what he would later go on to do in life were being planted along the way.


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“My mother was planting the seeds for me at an early age when she would go on missionary trips with the church,” he explained. “I also had two cousins who played professional ball overseas along with an uncle who would always have lively stories about playing ball in France. As a kid, I always put travel into this bucket of things that only adults did.”

It wasn’t until he was attending Tennessee State University, that Nathan began to make the moves for himself to see what the world had to offer.

“Dr. Gallen Hull, my international economics professor at the time, wrote an autobiography that documented his travels to over 80 countries and he gave me a signed copy of the book with a challenge to see more countries than him and become an entrepreneur,” the Chicago native continued. “When he said that I was like ‘Oh, I’m an adult, I’m gonna do this now.’ I had all of these reference points of inspiration from my family members so I knew that it was accessible, but it wasn’t until Dr. Hull became super fertilizer to the seeds that were already planted, that my interest in traveling continued to grow. I haven’t stopped traveling since.”


Why Black People Should Travel The World

“Traveling has made the world smaller and I’ve become so much more educated about what’s going on,” he said. “So now, when I see these sort of salacious headlines, I’ll reach out to a friend who actually lives in the country for the full scoop. I feel like it’s important for us to make these relationships with people in other countries and to have those cultural exchanges so that you have information about what’s going on in the world directly from the source.”

He encourages Black people specifically to see what the world has to offer because knowledge is power.

“World travel has given me this access to information and that’s key because knowledge is power. I can go anywhere in the world and have a connection that whether it benefits me socially or from a business perspective, I’m able to navigate anywhere in the world because of the relationships that I’ve built over the past 20 years from traveling the world.


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Where To Watch

“World Wide Nate” premieres on aspireTV on tomorrow (September 16) @ 8pm ET with all-new episodes each and every Thursday.

Click here to learn more about Nathan Fluellen and be sure to keep up with his adventures in real-time via Instagram.

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