Xbox Reveals New Game Ahead Of The Highly-Anticipated Premiere of ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’

A new legacy is underway!

On July 16th the world will be reunited with the Looney Tunes characters for a new version of the cult classic “Space Jam.”

This time the film will star Los Angeles Lakers superstar, LeBron James who says “Space Jam: A New Legacy” was a “match made in heaven.”

The original “Space Jam” was released in 1996 starring NBA legend Michael Jordan and now James says that it is an “honor” to continue the legacy.

Not only will the four-time NBA MVP serve as a main character in the film, but he has also been tapped as one of its producers.

Now, an official video game is underway ahead of the summer’s highly-anticipated animated adventure thanks to Xbox.

Back in December 2020, the gaming system teamed up with LeBron James and Bugs Bunny to find the best fan-submitted video game ideas for the new game.

The team fell in love with an idea from winners Ricky in the United States and Narayan in India that featured a classic beat ’em up game with a storyline focused on the intersection of pop culture and gaming mechanics.

With the help of video game developer, Digital Eclipse, Xbox will now turn its vision into an arcade-style reality.

“Our team is mainly composed of game industry veterans who grew up when arcades were flourishing,” shared Stephen Frost, Executive Producer of Digital Eclipse. “That era of gaming is a constant reminder of some of the happiest times in our lives. That feeling of joy—along with the incredible Looney Tunes IP and of course a basketball icon like LeBron—is what drove us to try and capture the magic of those days and the spirit of games popular during that time. We wanted to bring a taste of that to modern gamers, especially those who never got to experience the days of arcades, while also reigniting a sense of nostalgia.”

Watch the trailer for the new game below and get yours in stores while supplies last starting July 8th!

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