“You Shouldn’t Double-Tap!” Erica Campbell Calls Out Preachers Liking Sexy Photos On The Gram

Erica Campbell says pastors need to cut it out on the gram!

Campbell, one half of gospel duo Mary Mary, formed with her younger sister, Tina Campbell took to Instagram to share her thoughts on how preachers and pastors use the app.


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“Hey, Preachers and pastor! You should re-think liking the pictures of ladies in sexy bikinis, especially when you’re married,” wrote the singer via IG stories.

The Grammy award-winning singer didn’t stop there.

“Even when the caption is deep and spiritual,” she continues, “you shouldn’t double-tap!! Ijs”

Campbell isn’t one to shy away from sharing her thoughts via social media. In November she caused quite a buzz for her comments on marriage.

“You can’t sow h*e seeds and reap marriage benefits,” said the “Shackles” singer. “Your brain and body don’t switch like that. You gotta prepare your mind for marriage because it’s ministry.

Due to some of the commentary, Campbell later clarified her comments on “The Morning Hustle.”

“I said you can’t sow h*e seed and think you’re going to reap marriage benefits. And what I meant by that is monogamy must be practiced. It’s not something that happens automatically,” said Campbell.

“If you’re in the practice of sleeping around, doing whatever — and I’m coming from a believer’s perspective because that’s what I am,” she continued. “I know there’s a benefit in being with one person. That was God’s design for our life. I know that a lot of people dealing with broken hearts, they’ll say, ‘Fine, I don’t care. Ima do what I want.’ And you can. But the benefits of marriage are beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.”

Do you agree with her latest comments on the IG activity of pastors and preachers?

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