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Angela Burt-Murray, Erin Jackson, Issa Rae, Malinda Williams and Rene Syler of the provocative talk series EXHALE, bring you an hour of honesty and entertainment… where nothing is held back!


Episode 101

The ladies sit down with guests to talk relationships. They cover everything from dating to marriage to divorce, answering the hard questions about why so many black women are single, the signs of a toxic relationship and the secret to making the perfect match.


Episode 102

Guests help the ladies talk health. They discuss dieting and nutrition, secrets to becoming both mentally and physically fit and preventing illnesses devastating African American women like heart disease and HIV/AIDS.


Episode 103

In this episode, the ladies are talking about the taboo subject of sex. They’ll focus on topics like women’s sexual expression and obsessions, healthy versus unhealthy sex, the objectification of black women and being a sex symbol in Hollywood.


Episode 104

Guests join the ladies to talk beauty and style. They’ll cover topics like fashion, the modeling industry, why hair is such a touchy subject in the African American community and find out if black really does crack.


Episode 105

The ladies discuss Faith & Religion. They talk about getting through trials that put our faith to the test, religious controversies like homosexuality, the role of women in the Church and the increasing number African Americans who don’t believe.


Episode 106

Can black women really have it all? That’s what the ladies and guests talk about as they discuss secrets to a successful career, the biggest career and financial mistakes, how to keep disputes over money from ruining relationships and how to come back from financial disaster.


Episode 107

In this episode, the ladies talk to veterans in the entertainment industry. They take us inside the world of music, television and film to see just what it takes to achieve success and keep it.


Episode 108

Guests talk to the ladies about breaking free from hurts that can hold us captive like fear, anger, depression, addictions and other vices. They also dive into the struggles many of us have with overcoming past hurts and the importance of forgiveness.