In the House In the House

In the House

Starring LL Cool J, Alfonso Ribeiro, and Kim Wayans

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About In the House

A once-famous football player must rent part of his house to support himself. A single mother and her two kids are the latest tenants. He also owns a sports clinic that he barely manages to run with help from his friends.

Getting to Know You

Episode 101

Once-wealthy socialite Jackie Warren (DEBBIE ALLEN) leaves her husband and gets her own job. Jackie and her two children squeeze into a house with former athlete Marion Hill (JAMES TODD SMITH aka LL COOL J).

Female Trouble

Episode 102

Jackie and Marion offer differing advice to Austin on how to deal with a bully. Tiffany fights with her boyfriend.

Birthday Presence

Episode 103

Austin's birthday party ruins Marion's romantic plans with his girlfriend. Heather dates a single father.

Marion tries to help Jackie meet men. JOHN AMOS guest stars.

The Lost Weekend

Episode 105

Marion gets a job as a sportscaster--but his attire gets him in trouble. Basketball player SPUD WEBB guest stars.

Hats Off

Episode 106

Jackie's family vacation to a mountain cabin is upset by some unexpected visitors.