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About Just Angela

We’re bringing you this boss babe, raw & unfiltered, in this lifestyle series….get to know the real Angela Simmons!

In this series launching episode, Angela brings viewers into a version of her world that not many people have seen. As the hustling mommy entrepreneur, reality TV star and princess of the Simmons legacy, not many people get to see Angela's quirky side. Angela counts down her top 10 quirks that people don't know about her, from chewing pills because she can't swallow them to some weird superstitions.

Love After Breakup

Episode 102

Angela is no stranger to heartbreak from bad breakups. Now, Angela is ready to date. She gets cozy with viewers and her BFF Katrina Jefferson as she chats about the steps she's taking before getting into a new relationship after a breakup.

Get UnReady w/ Me

Episode 103

We all know that Angela is a fashionista with her hair flawless and face beat daily, but at night Angela likes to unwind by taking great care of her skin. We get raw and real with her as she shows us her skincare routine dishing on how she keeps her skin under the makeup flawless with her new skincare line Simmons Beauty.

Life as a Boy Mom

Episode 104

We meet SJ and Angela gushes on all the things that make life interesting as a boy mom like her pregnancy story, speaking two languages, the struggles of single motherhood and having a son with a luxury car obsession.

Angela discusses her health and fitness journey including her must do's and must haves to build curves and a body she loves. From losing the baby weight to building mental stamina to eating right, Angela spills the beans on how she looks and feels her best even when she can't hit the gym.

Angela admits she is terrible at doing her own hair. She leans on her favorite hairstylist Q to slay her hair and keep those edges laid. Q shows how he styles her sew-in and keeps her natural hair strong and healthy underneath, as they reminisce on some of their craziest hair moments.

Faith is a major part of Angela's life. How could it not be? Her dad Rev Run is literally a Reverend. Even though faith is Angela's foundation, it wasn't easy growing up as a preacher's kid especially as one in the public eye. Angela and JoJo get candid about the pros and pressures of being a PK.

Angela chats her journey as an entrepreneur as she discusses her love for both owning and supporting black owned businesses. She shares some of her favorite products created by black entrepreneurs as we get to know a bit of the backstory behind these awesome brands.

Angela gets vulnerable as she shares the story behind why she created Pressure Makes Diamonds: her own story of surviving domestic violence.

Angela takes a fellow black woman entrepreneur under her wing. Toyin Omisore is the owner of Roam Loud, a fitness apparel line barely 1 year old. We get to know the business owner's backstory and her current struggle with the unexpected demand and fears of building a team. Angela gives advice to her mentee on how to avoid some pitfalls and expand her team after an unexpected boom in her first year of business.