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Are you ready to learn from the best in the game? AspireTV proudly presents “Money Moves,” a new TV series that dives into the world of financial education and wealth-building strategies. Be inspired by the success stories of our guests. Whether you’re just starting out on your financial journey or looking to take your wealth-building to the next level, “Money Moves” has got you covered.

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Bun B discusses the changes in the music business and the importance of ownership.

Marketing Genius Ingrid Best shares advice on how to build a brand and the challenges she overcame in marketing during a global pandemic.

Keenan Beasly is a marketing executive and serial entrepreneur powerhouse. He shares the significance of building a community for your brand and the steps he took to get Sunday II Sunday into store shelves.

Kim Osorio is one of the most respected women in music journalism. She opens up about how she got her start as a writer and shares her views on social media journalism.

Rapper and social activist Killer Mike opens up about how the lessons he learned from his grandparents led him to build generational wealth for his family.

Angela Yee reflects on how her internships have led to her success in radio and opened the doors to entrepreneurship.

Issac Hayes the III is a record producer, voice-over artist, and founder of the social media app Fanbase. He shares the lessons he learned from his father and how he got into app development.

Rapper Paul Wall opens up about how he got started in the music industry and the legacy he wants to leave behind.

Chuck Styles is a multi-disciplinary artist. He shares how he transitioned from barber to artist and how to create multiple streams of income through art.

Tristan Walker is the founder and CEO of Walker & Company brands. He opens up about how he has always wanted to become wealthy and the pitfalls he experienced throughout his successful career.

Singer and actress Erica Ash opens up about switching the career path her parents wanted for her and following a path that fulfills her life.

Platinum-selling rapper Jarule discusses the financial mistakes when he first started and the importance of black people entering the web3 space.

Two-time grammy winning producer Drumma boy opens up about how he got started in the music industry.

The multi-talented Amanda Seales reflects on her early days in the entertainment industry, and how she transitioned to the thought leader we know and love.

Devi Brown is a well-Being Educator & Healer, and author. She opens up about her journey from working in entertainment to becoming a healer.

Actress and comedian Nika king opens up about how she transitioned from a teacher to an entertainer.

Dawn Dickson-Akpoghene is a serial entrepreneur and inventor. She shares the secret sauce of how she became the first female founder to globally raise over $ 1 million through crowdfunding.

Troy and Rashad of Earn Your Leisure share how they started their brand and how to get started creating a podcast

Olympian athlete Rai Benjamin discusses the business life of an athlete.

NFL Hall of Famer Terrence Owens discloses the financial mistakes he made starting out and the new business ventures he is entering.

Casey Cooper is the CEO of The Compass Circle. she opens up about working in a male-dominated industry and shares the importance of an excellent presentation to get funding for your business.

Kashief Edwards talks about transitioning from traditional employment to becoming an entrepreneur through vending machines.

Claire Sulmers is the CEO and Founder of Fashion Bomb Daily. She discusses how she turned her blog into a full-time fashion business.

Monique Kelly is an author and resident dating expert on several talk shows: MSNBC, E! Daily Pop, and Nightly Pop. She opens up about the struggles of the publishing business and some financial red flags to keep an eye out for when dating.

Will Packer is one of the biggest producers in the entertainment industry. He discusses how his HBCU experience assisted in his entrepreneurial journey and how he got started in the entertainment industry.

Rick Ross shares his secret to success and the importance of taking care of your health.