Claire’s New Boyfriend Claire’s New Boyfriend

Claire’s New Boyfriend

Tuesday, Jun 25 3:30pm ET

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After Michael admits liking Claire’s boyfriend, Tony, she dumps him. The poor kid is devastated, and since Michael likes him so much he decides he’s going to help Tony win Claire back – specially after seeing her new boyfriend, Jason (or “1040 EZ” as he likes to call himself). The results aren’t good, so Michael has a heart-to-heart with Claire. He explains to her that Jason isn’t good to her, and any men who are with her should treat her like the princess she is. Since the talk doesn’t show any results either, Michael decides to act like he likes Jason and see if that makes Claire dislike him. Luckily, Claire comes back to her senses and gets back together with Tony. Meanwhile, Jay refuses to admit she looks like Jr.’s drawing of her. Instead, she believes she looks more like Halle Berry.

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Tuesday, Jun 25 at 3:30pm ET