The Bahamas: Part 2 The Bahamas: Part 2

The Bahamas: Part 2

Tuesday, Jun 4 2:30pm ET

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While at the Atlantis, Paradise Island resort in the Bahamas for a family vacation, lovebirds Michael and Jay find themselves stranded on the isolated Magic Island – along with a rapidly rising tide — and the only other person there who can help them is Michael’s talkative and annoying golf buddy, Jimmy (David Alan Grier) — who refuses to do so since they weren’t willing to spend time with him when they had the chance. Meanwhile, Jr. leaves Vanessa and the baby behind so he can enjoy the resort’s activities; Tony and Claire hang out at the beach bar and she realizes too late that her island drink contains alcohol; and Kady and Franklin run into his nemesis, Francesco Mumfordi, who has stolen one of Franklin’s theories.

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