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About The Graduates - NYC

The Graduates: ATL follows a new batch of HBCU grads as they follow their passions and start their careers in Atlanta.  We’ll see how these recent grads adjust to life in the real world – in their jobs, friendships and relationships – as the try to stay true and achieve their dreams.

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Empire State of Mind

Episode 101

In the web series premiere the cast is introduced. Viewers will meet a diverse group of dynamic HBCU graduates on the move and see firsthand how they handle working and living in the big city as well as the pressures and sometimes temptations that come with it.

The Dinner Party

Episode 102

Each having strong and passionate personalities friction is ignited at a dinner party as the cast continues to learn about each other. An unlikely love connection is made.

Five in the City

Episode 103

The aftermath of the dinner party friendships are tested and some members of the cast start to form new relationships. Will the crew of five remain close or will their lives in NYC tear them apart?

The HBCU Takeover

Episode 104

Members of the cast plan a charity event in NYC and they quickly learn that they are not the only stars in this competitive and sometimes cutthroat city. They realize sometimes competition can exist even within your own circle of friends.

In Search of Purpose

Episode 105

On the grind and making power moves in the city are top priority. Is the pressure to succeed taking a toll? Some cast members question at what costs does it take to find love and live in their true purpose?


Episode 106

HBCU grads takeover the city in the spring for a fun-filled weekend of party’s and events which will turn out to be an unforgettable weekend for all.

Lost and Found

Episode 107

An unexpected career opportunity and potential job promotion puts one of the cast members at a crossroads. A major decision has to be made that could affect the trajectory of their career.

Living the Dream

Episode 108

Major changes and resolutions are revealed to some of the cast members. Does their grind and hard work pay off in both their careers and personal lives?