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Classic Recipes. New Twist.

Thursday at 9:00 pm ET

About Twisted Dish

Come explore the world with Chef Jay in aspire’s new original series, Twisted Dish. Take your taste buds on a culinary adventure as we remake world famous dishes and other recipes with a twist.

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Your plain pasta gets a flavor kick as Master Chef Daryl Shular adds perfectly prepared salmon with homemade kale pesto sauce.

Rice Remixed!

Episode 102

One of America’s favorite dishes becomes a 5- star culinary smash when Master Chef Shular adds succulent lobster to fried rice substituted with riced cabbage.

Master Chef Daryl Shular teaches how to create the ultimate BBQ classic with perfectly seasoned and grilled mushrooms.

Watch as Chef Shular twists a traditional Peanut Butter and Jelly into an Almond Butter and Peach Jam Sourdough sandwich with a delightful Butternut Squash soup.

Chef Shular helps you twist up your typical flapjack with this “original pancake” dutch baby recipe that is sure to bring delight to your home and your tastebuds!

Chef Daryl Shular helps you combine a series of exotic flavor profiles to enjoy the ultimate getaway without packing your bags.

Join Chef Daryl Shular as he twists Asian cuisine into flavor filled appetizer favs, popular in restaurants nationwide.

With a Seoul twist on traditional fried chicken, Master Chef Shular Shows you how to create the popular “on social media” cuisine Korean Fried Chicken wings in your home.

Join Master Chef Shular as he serves up the All-American Burger, Fries and Ice Cream- but in a completely twisted way. You’ll be ready to cook up a Shrimp & Lobster Burger with Sweet Potato Fries the Shular way. You’ll even learn how to take the classic sundae to another level.

Gumbo for Breakfast!

Episode 110

Only Master Chef Daryl Shular can take a Bayou classic and southern classic fish and grits and twist them into a breakfast hit.

Master Chef Daryl Shular shares his mouthwatering recipe for Louisiana style Po’ Boy seasoned with Gulf South herbs, spices and toppings.

Master Chef Daryl Shular shares easy techniques on creating the classic family meatball dish without sacrificing flavor. Mashed potatoes are whipped to perfection with surprising ingredients.

Breakfast staples will never be the same thanks to Chef Shular’s remix on classics from homemade chicken sausage to the savory egg frittata.

You can’t find this Master Chef Shular take on Beef and Rice on the take out menu. Watch Chef prepare a marinade that takes this Short rib to another level.

Beef Pho-Real!

Episode 115

Popular Noodle houses will have nothing on the Braised Noodle bowl recipe Chef Daryl Shular is helping you to create along with an awe inspiring Mango sorbet enhanced with exotic dragonfruit and kiwi.

Prawns of Curry

Episode 116

Master Chef Shular combines international flavors; tantalizing curry and lemon-basil gremolata with grilled shrimp to help you create a dish that will impress your friends and family!

Learn to make your favorite fish and seafood with Master Chef Shular as he shares the fundamentals of cooking fish, infusing herbs and spices and perfecting the “Steam in Bag” technique.

Bland salmon is a thing of the past as Chef Shular twists it into the “Everything” full-flavored seasoned classic along with surprising take on Kale salad complete with homemade dressing.

Master Chef Shular is frying up cajun seasoned buttermilk chicken and topping it off with a brown buttery drizzled sweet potatoes that won’t quit beeybay.

Chef Shular shares techniques and tricks on how to enjoy your favorite snacks but meat-free.

Follow Chef Shular step by step as he hand crafts delectable Chicken and Baby Kale Soup from scratch. You’ll never eat out of a can again after tasting this culinary masterpiece complete with sweet potato dumplings!

Watch Master Chef Shular create the Savory Steak Marsala with Risotto classic dish step by step. Chef then finishes with a hand rolled fruit tart prepared in a cast iron pan.

Master Chef Shular takes the angst out of preparing classic dishes by teaching technique, tips and tricks. Come along as Chef Shular shares an award winning Baked Chicken Linguine Alfredo, finished off with Basil Garlic Biscuits!

A “master” of all food techniques and regions, CMC, Shular makes samosas, the popular North Indian street food snack filled with savory potatoes, peas, and of course, curry.

Bring the deli to your house with the help of Chef Daryl Shular sharing his twist on 3 American classics; The Baked Potato, Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese.