Phillip Ashley Chocolates Brings Flavor and Luxury to Aspire MKTPLC

In the world of gourmet chocolates, Phillip Ashley Chocolates stands as a beacon of innovation, artistry, and pure indulgence. Founded by the visionary chocolatier Phillip Ashley Rix, this brand has redefined what it means to experience chocolate. Their mission is for people to “Experience limited edition collections and seasonal drops designed by James Beard nominated, master chocolatier, Phillip Ashley. Each bonbon is an expression of our love for crafting the most luxurious, artisan chocolates; every chocolate tells a story.” Now you can enjoy these delicious treats through the Aspire MKTPLC.

The Visionary Behind the Chocolates

Phillip Ashley Rix

Phillip Ashley Rix, the creative force behind Phillip Ashley Chocolates, is not your typical chocolatier. He has earned a reputation as a master of his craft. Nominated for the prestigious James Beard Award, he has brought his unique perspective and artistry to every piece of chocolate he creates.

Phillip Ashley Chocolates

Each bonbon is meticulously designed. The limited edition collections and seasonal drops are eagerly anticipated by chocolate enthusiasts, each offering a new journey of flavors and textures. Their exclusive collections are often inspired by seasons, holidays, and unique themes. These limited edition collections are not just about taste; they are an experience. Each collection features a variety of bonbons, each with its own distinct flavor profile and design. Whether it’s a spring collection featuring floral notes or a winter collection with rich, warming spices, each piece is crafted to evoke that time of year.

Phillip Ashley Chocolates

Innovation in Ingredients and Flavors

One of the hallmarks of Phillip Ashley Chocolates is its innovative use of ingredients. The company is not afraid to push the boundaries of traditional chocolate making, incorporating unexpected flavors and textures. From savory elements like cheese and bacon to exotic spices and fruits, this adventurous approach has garnered the brand a loyal following and critical acclaim. This is expounded upon in aspireTV’s “Hustle Sizzle and Smoke,” where they were featured as a special ingredient that contestants had to incorporate into their grilling recipes.

Phillip Ashley Chocolates Hustle Sizzle and Smoke

Now you can taste the passion and dedication of each bonbon with Phillip Ashley Chocolates, who are now proudly featured on Aspire MKTPLC, the space dedicated to providing quick access to Black-owned and operated companies. This platform celebrates diversity and entrepreneurship, making it simpler for consumers to discover and support businesses for the culture.