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aspireTV Original Cooking Series

Sunday at 6:00 am ET

About Butter+Brown

Adapted from the beloved web series, Butter + Brown is a new kind of cooking show, now on aspireTV! Executive produced by Issa Rae and Chef G. Garvin, Butter + Brown creators and hosts Seth Brundle and Leslie Antonoff showcase creative ways to prepare fantastic food and tasty cocktails with popular ingredients viewers are likely to have on hand.

Seth and Leslie share more of their personal recipes and have even more fun on season 3! They elevate everyday meals and show viewers how easy it is to cook them at home. Viewers will not only enjoy a great, simple cooking experience, but will also be entertained by the duo’s funny anecdotes, witty banter, and surprise guests that pop in.

You can view the recipes featured in the show on our recipes page.

Guests include rapper/actor Ludacris, actor James Bland, influencer Chef Reesha and more.

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Taco Tuesday

Sunday at 6:00am

Souper Heros

Sunday at 6:30am

Jamaican Flavors

Sunday at 7:00am

First Meals

Sunday at 7:30am


Episode 101

In this episode of Butter+Brown hosts Seth and Leslie take you on a culinary journey through New Orleans, Louisiana as they prepare and add their spin on a couple of New Orleans classics.


Episode 102

Seth and Leslie show us how to adapt recipes to dinner guests’ dietary needs. Lorenz Tate stops by to taste dishes prepared to accommodate his plant-based lifestyle.

Kitchen Daze

Episode 103

Carla Hall joins Seth and Leslie in the kitchen to prepare some Southern favorites - with a twist.

Childhood Favorites

Episode 104

Seth and Leslie modify some of the foods they loved as kids and transform them into dishes fit for a Millennial's brunch.

Taco Tuesday

Episode 105

Seth and Leslie share one of their traditions with us and show how quick and simple it is to prepare their favorite Mexican dishes.

Souper Heros

Episode 106

Soup's on when rapper/actvist David Banner drops by and helps Seth and Leslie make two great dishes of comfort grub.

Jamaican Flavors

Episode 107

Seth and Leslie welcome celebrity designer Nikki Chu to their kitchen where they fix some Jamaican favorites in honor of Nikki's heritage. They also discuss her career and show off their set which Nikki designed.

First Meals

Episode 108

Seth and Leslie take us down Memory Lane and prepare some of the first dishes they made together and share their deepest, darkest culinary experiences.

The Wine Down

Episode 109

Vintners Andrea and Robin McBride stop by the kitchen where they pair some of their fabulous wines with a delicious meal prepared by Seth and Leslie.

Health is Wealth

Episode 110

Seth and Leslie show us how to prepare meals that are lower in calories and carbs without sacrificing flavor. Seth shares his personal stories about his struggle with weight.