Keasha's Perfect Dress Keasha's Perfect Dress

Keasha's Perfect Dress

Starring Keasha Rigsby

Tuesday, Jul 30 at 7:00 am ET

About Keasha's Perfect Dress

Keasha Rigsby is a renowned bridal consultant whose warmth and talent has endeared her to audiences of the hit series Say Yes to the Dress. Now she is striking out on her own, helping brides find their perfect wedding dress in her own exclusive bridal boutique.

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Tuesday, Jul 30 at 7:00am

Katherine/Amy/Meghan & Andrew

Tuesday, Jul 30 at 7:30am

Alana M./Sarah/Milkyway

Tuesday, Jul 30 at 8:00am


Tuesday, Jul 30 at 8:30am

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Tangara wants a flashy gown for her wedding in Atlanta, Georgia. Will her opinionated entourage help or hinder Keasha’s process? Carolynne clashes with her mother in law over what dress will be “blink” enough for the Italian family. Will Aaron be able to diffuse the situation and make everyone happy? Will opinionated “Man of Honour” Neil convince Krista to scrap the dress she has already purchased and buy something he approves of?

Alana G./Krisy/Dana

Episode 1002

Picky Alana brings her newly divorced parents to shop for a fashion forward wedding dress for her wedding in Florida. Krisy has an unlimited dress budget for her Greek wedding and an entourage who can’t agree on anything; will Keasha be able to focus Krisy and find her the perfect dress? Dana makes it a family affair when she arrives 8 months pregnant with her young sons in tow. Will Aaron be able to find something stunning for her upcoming wedding in Greece?

Alternative bride Alyssa isn’t convinced Keasha will have a dress that fits into her ‘colorful hot mess’ vision; will Keasha think out of the box and find her something she loves? Andrene wants the perfect dress for her upcoming beach wedding in Brazil. Financial planner Jennifer lets her traditional Chinese mother control her bank account, but will mom loosen the purse strings when her daughter finds the perfect dress for her Mexican beach wedding?


Episode 1004

Country girl Sylvia is looking for a hot & sexy dress to fit her 6’5” frame. Her conservative sisters have their own ideas. Will Keasha be able to find a dress that fits the bill? Diana had no trouble committing to her fiancé or her downtown waterfront venue but when it comes to wedding dresses, she loves them all! Will Keasha be able to find this shopaholic bride her perfect dress? Aaron uses a mother’s wedding dress scrapbook as inspiration to help Cynthia find a dress fit for a Japanese princess.

Italian bombshell Angelina is hoping to find a dress to match the ‘enchanted forest’ theme of her wedding. Will Aaron be able to work his magic and find a dress to match her fantasy? Bride-on-a-diet Melanie is trying to lose 30 pounds before her wedding. Will Keasha be able to convince her that ordering a wedding dress in a smaller size is a bad idea? Danielle seems to have it all – tall, beautiful, and lots of money to spend on a dress. But will she find a dress that matches her big budget and extravagant taste?

Quirky Kelly has a fascination with duct tape, which she would like to incorporate into her wedding dress. Will Aaron be able to navigate this sticky situation and find her the dress of her dreams? Tears flow openly when Danielle – who is battling a rare form of cancer – comes to Keasha looking for her perfect wedding dress. Professional event planner Betsy is a bride who knows exactly what she wants. Or does she? How will Aaron react when Betsy does an about face in the fitting room?


Episode 1007

Vodka and caviar flow freely when vivacious Russian bride Anna and her mother Maria come to the store to find her perfect wedding dress. Bridezilla Serena has a big budget, and is harboring an even bigger secret. Will Keasha be able to find her a dress before the consultation goes completely off the rails? Cowgirl Jenny is looking for a dress to match the cowboy boots that she plans to wear on the beach for her destination wedding.

Danielle wants to incorporate a black sash into her wedding dress, much to the chagrin of her traditional Italian family. Will Keasha be able to come up with a plan that satisfies everyone’s wishes? Will Aaron be able to help indecisive bride Ashley find a dress for her wedding in Turks and Caicos that will show off a very important tattoo on her back? Spunky bride Tina is looking for a convertible dress that will let her dance her wedding night away in comfort.


Episode 1009

Aaron’s got his work cut out for him when spotlight-loving bride Jill shows up with a picky group of friends, and her discriminating ex-boyfriend. After skipping the ceremony and wedding dress the first time around, second time bride Kassondra enlists Keasha’s help to make her look like a princess for her California wedding – despite being a more mature bride. Aaron strives to find the perfect dress for petite-framed Blair – but will she be able to move past a dress that she tried on at a different store.

Bride Katherine shares a bittersweet appointment with her terminally ill mother. Sensitive Amy faces a barrage of negative criticism from her entourage. Will Aaron be able to bring her back from the brink? In a Keasha’s Perfect Dress first, future groom Andrew proposes to his girlfriend Meghan inside the store. Will Keasha help her find the perfect dress after the perfect proposal?

Type A bride Alana has a modest budget, but extravagant taste. Will Keasha be able to split the difference and find her the perfect dress? Sarah is experiencing buyer’s remorse after hastily purchasing a wedding dress that she didn’t love. Can Aaron help her find the real dress of her dreams with her wedding just 3 months away? Aaron has his hands full with indecisive Vietnamese bride Milkyway, who can’t make up her mind after trying on dress after dress after dress.


Episode 1012

Kathrina comes to Keasha’s Perfect Dress to find the dress of her dreams. The only problem is that her boyfriend hasn’t proposed to her yet. Feisty bride Knesia is stuck on a dress that she tried on at a different store. Will Keasha be able to persuade her try something new?

Keasha and Aaron tag team when two competitive sisters Meghan and Carly shop together for their wedding dresses. Will they both find the perfect dress? Misti has been planning her wedding for 8 years so she isn’t about to let a physical handicap get in the way of finding her perfect dress! Alicia wants sleeves for her wedding dress but her mother and mother in law are against the idea.

Heaven Leigh is looking to buy two glamorous dresses for her wedding; a mermaid and a ball gown in anything but white! One of Aaron’s brides Dana returns 3 weeks after giving birth to her baby to try and fit into her dream wedding dress for her Grecian wedding. Polish bride Veronica needs a spectacular dress with feathers for her Peacocks in Paris themed wedding.