Let Them Eat Pie Let Them Eat Pie

Let Them Eat Pie

Monday, Jun 24 10:30pm ET

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When the kids are grounded and aren’t allowed to watch TV, they decide to play “make me laugh or die”. Claire loses, and she is challenged to eat Michael’s ‘half time lemon pie’. When he wakes up looking for the pie and finds it to be missing, he asks his kids who ate it, but they all deny having anything to do with the missing pie. Michael decides then to give them a special punishment until one of them comes clean: all they’re allowed to eat is lemon pie. This comes in a very hard time for Jay, who’s hosting her ‘chubby buddy’ reunions at the house. Tired of seeing pies, Jay puts a stop on Michael’s punishment and points out that the kids have learned a lesson: stick together. Michael, frustrated for not discovering the truth, starts a pie fight in which everybody starts throwing pies at each other.

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