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Quality Time

Friday, Jun 14 2:30pm ET

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Michael wants to play the videogame and Jay thinks he doesn’t love her anymore. He takes her out to dinner, and after 3 hours he returns home to his games. Jay is upset and decides that they should see Dr. Bouche. Michael is reluctant to go back to that “fat quack” and picks a different shrink, who’s also very fond of the game and doesn’t even bother to keep Jay’s name. She’s not satisfied, so they go to another psychologist, this time chosen by Jay. He gives great advice, and they realize they both have to give personal time for each other. Meanwhile, Claire wants to tag along with Jr. to a basketball game, and won’t let her. Michael teaches him the duties of an older brother and how to look out for his sister, while he tries to believe someone might actually be attracted to his sister.

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