Table for Too Many: Part 2 Table for Too Many: Part 2

Table for Too Many: Part 2

Monday 2:30pm ET

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The entire dinner is doomed from the beginning. First, the chef isn’t Japanese like all other chefs in the place, then the hostess sips on Michael’s drink, then when he goes to the bathroom his rival violates the men’s bathroom etiquette rules – and doesn’t even wash his hands before leaving. When he comes back at the table, the guy hands Michael his lobster, with the same hands he didn’t wash. Finally, when they make peace, Michael refuses to sing along on the guy’s wife happy birthday song. On top of that, the manager says the Tyler’s charge is on the house. Michael decides it’s time to leave, so he can finally watch the game he taped, but when they get to the car they find the valet smoking cigars inside of it, celebrating the game results, ruining the only remaining thing that could be good on Michael’s night.

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