How LyfeShare Is On A Mission To Become The Cornerstone For Legacy Planning For Families

Estate planning after a loved one has passed can sometimes make the process of grief even more unbearable, but not any more thanks to this new platform.

Described as a “transformative platform designed to securely store, manage, and share important documents, information, and files within a trusted network of family and close friends,” LyfeShare was birthed from a personal tragedy and encouraged founders to make a vow to make the process easier for others.

“Witnessing the undue burden and added pain caused by disorganized and inaccessible documents during a time of loss ignited the idea for LyfeShare,” said founder Michael Swift in an interview with aspireTV. “The necessity for a solution became clear to create a platform that simplifies document management, safeguards legacies, and ensures critical information is readily accessible when needed most. LyfeShare is not just about storage, it’s about providing support, guidance, and peace of mind to individuals and families navigating life’s most challenging moments.”


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“LyfeShare revolutionizes the narrative around marginalized communities and death by addressing the unique challenges they face with empathy, inclusivity, and empowerment,” Swift said. “Historically, marginalized communities have often lacked access to resources and support systems to effectively manage end-of-life planning and navigate the complexities of death. Lyfeshare disrupts this narrative by providing a platform that is accessible, affordable, culturally sensitive, and tailored to the specific needs of diverse communities.”

During sign up users have three subscription options to choose from, Basic which is $7.99 per month, Standard, $9.99 per month, and Premium, sitting at $16.99 per month.

For more than 20 months, the LyfeShare team has worked to build a detailed oriented solution helping families and individuals to secure their legacy.

Moreover, the app includes multiple features like the addition of “Buddy’s” who will be given access to any information that app users want them to have. Another one includes the “Time Release Function,” which provides people with an extra layer of control and personalization to the legacy planning process.

“This unique feature, exclusive to LyfeShare, is our intellectual property, setting us apart from other legacy management platforms,” Swift explained. “It allows users to schedule the release of their documents and information to specific individuals at predetermined times in the future. It offers a strategic approach to legacy management, enabling users to ensure that their important information is shared according to their wishes, even after they’re no longer able to manage it themselves.”

“Personally, the time release function has changed my life by providing peace of mind and reassurance that my legacy will be managed and shared in the way I intend,” Swift continued. “It allows me to plan for the future with confidence, knowing that my loved ones will have access to the information they need, when they need it most. Additionally, the ability to schedule the release of information on important dates or milestones allows me to continue to be present and make a meaningful impact in the lives of my family and friends, even after I’m gone.”

Looking ahead to the future, LyfeShare aims to become “the cornerstone for individuals and families seeking to securely manage and share their legacies, transforming the way personal histories and vital documents are preserved for future generations.”

“We aim to expand our reach, innovate our platform, and deepen our impact, ensuring that every user finds solace and strength in the legacy they create and share through Lyfeshare.”