Cradle Clutter Cradle Clutter

Cradle Clutter

Wednesday, Aug 14 7:00am ET

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Sleep deprived first time parents are on a steep learning curve. Babies come with stuff, mountains of stuff, and it all feels overwhelming to this new mom and dad who are suffering from clutter and chaos in the nursery. They have called in the ladies from TOP on a real organizational 911. They can’t find the onsies, the wipes or the swaddling blankets! They dream about a chance to sleep, but until that happens the last thing they want to do when they’re woken up for the 2:00 am feeding is fumble around looking for the necessities. All the TOP ladies have been through this as moms, and as pro-organizers they come to the rescue with a plan and some solid tips on staying on track. As an added bonus they throw in their most tried and true infant soothing tricks.

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