Wardrobe Malfunction Wardrobe Malfunction

Wardrobe Malfunction

Sunday 9:30pm ET

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This sharply dressed bachelor has made some efforts to organize his closet but he has stalled, not for lack of motivation but because he simply doesn’t know what to do to make his closet work more efficiently. His busy life necessitates a well-ordered closet that helps him move quickly in the mornings or when he dashes home to change for a night out. The large attractive wooden closet system is a good start but he is not sure he is optimizing the space. It’s getting crowded and he is having challenges finding things. The Order Project rushes to the rescue. They will create a system that not only allows him to find his clothes quickly but makes sure that his impressive wardrobe is well looked after. His drawer space will be reviewed and reworked, his hangers replaced (to preserve his suits as well as to create better hanging space and a unified look) and his collection of bins will cease to be a collection of mystery boxes that he has to scrabble in constantly.

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