Refrigerator Revolution (w/Kirk Franklin) Refrigerator Revolution (w/Kirk Franklin)

Refrigerator Revolution (w/Kirk Franklin)

Wednesday, Mar 27 7:30am ET

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The Franklins are repeat clients. They lead busy lives and, knowing the value of organization, are smart enough to know that they need a little help. Kirk is often touring or traveling and they lead a peripatetic lifestyle. Sometimes the fridge and the pantry become something of a mystery. How long has something been in there and when was the last time it was used is a familiar refrain in this household. Although fridge organization is trending right now, the TOP ladies have known the value of organizing this space for years. They say that if the kitchen is the heart of the home that the fridge and the pantry are what makes it tick! The TOP ladies are up for the challenge and confess that they also enjoy the little sneak peek into what celebrities have in the fridge and pantry….even if a few things might be past their ‘best by’ dates!

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