Not Caring For Sharing! Not Caring For Sharing!

Not Caring For Sharing!

Wednesday, Mar 6 7:30am ET

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When it comes to closets, not all ladies like to share. Miss Lauren (not our host Lauren) and her husband are very much together but recently have SEPARATED CLOSETS! Lauren no longer wants to have two shared closets; she believes that in this instance, not sharing is, in fact, a path to a happier relationship. She recognizes, as do the ladies from The Order Project, that disorganization can lead to stress and strain in relationships. After the separation of ‘community closets’ Miss Lauren just stuffed everything in, resulting in chaos. There are an overwhelming number of items in this tight space. The ladies have requested a pre-organization purge, but will it result in any real progress? The ladies plan a creative cubby system, color coding and in general creating a closet of calm, thereby helping Miss Lauren to not only have a happier closet experience every day but a more harmonious marriage!

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