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Sunday 9:00pm ET

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Beautician Sheila Green has been doing Lauren’s and Tneisha’s hair for decades, and every time the ladies are there for an appointment they beg to be allowed to turn Sheila’s Chaos to Calm. This one is not easy! The salon is a busy place; there are health and safety regulations and, just like in many bathrooms at home, there are tangles of cords to wrangle. And Sheila has a bad habit or two to break. But just like any woman at home she wants her hair products close at hand. And just like what any woman experiences, not being able to quickly and efficiently find what you need to get your look can be stressful! Hair is, after all, our crowning glory. The Order Project team swoops in to not only deliver on their promise of ‘functional organization’ but to provide calm for Sheila, her fellow hairdressers and every woman who sits in her chair.

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