Garage Grumble Garage Grumble

Garage Grumble

Wednesday, Sep 18 8:00am ET

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He can never get his car into the garage. She parks hers there but the space for his is cluttered and crowded with everything from holiday decor to cleaning supplies, ladders and folding chairs! The disorganization in the garage is causing more than grumbling; it’s causing tension. The wife calls The Order Project in order to surprise her husband with a parking place as well as a system that will end the search for the Halloween or Christmas decor. The ladies step in to solve the garage grumbling by creating a system that anyone can use in their garage or basement. They’ll use covered bins and shelving designed to prevent dust buildup on those rarely used but much treasured items that we all keep from season to season. And with any luck his ladders and other bits and pieces will also get the TOP treatment.

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