For Better or Worse For Better or Worse

For Better or Worse

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We all make jokes about sharing a closet with a life partner, but in real life it can be less than funny. What happens when a soon-to-be groom recognizes that there’s potential for a relationship battleground in the main bedroom closet? If he is smart, he calls The Order Project to surprise his bride. They will solve the problem before it becomes a point of tension while he whisks her off for a weekend break! This newly engaged couple is attempting to happily merge their space. Having just moved in together they are already having spats over who gets which real estate in the closet. This is a small space with big organizational needs. Space planning is going to be a huge part of the solution to this his-and-hers space. The TOP ladies, all happily married women, use their personal and professional experience to create a neutral space with a functional closet system that works for both and provides room for growth.